IS X-Pole thicker than Lil Mynx?

You talked about pole thickness....I'm looking at Lil Mynx 45mm or 50mm.

I heard that the 50mm is thinner than 45mm on any pole because it is "stretched out" to accomodate the 50mm?

Susan from PDFF says:

Good question! This would be important to know for safety reasons so I went straight to the source to get a definitive answer for you.

Lizz over at Lil Mynx says:

"Diameter does not affect wall thickness. Both our 45 and 50mm poles are .065 wall thickness. We use .083 wall thickness for permanent poles over 11'."

So there you have difference in the thickness of the tubing between the two diameters of pole.

It makes sense to use a slightly thicker walled tubing with longer poles, since the laws of physics dictate that over a certain length, the pole would not be as strong using the same thickness of tubing.

My experience with Lil Mynx has always been that they are very safety conscious, so I'm not surprised that they've taken this into account.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the folks at X-Pole, so I'll update this report as soon as I get a reply from them.

Thanks again for your question, and stay safe up there!

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