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Pole dancing is tons of fun...we all know that! But did you know that you can use your dance pole as a vertical home gym to help build the sport-specific strength you'll need to safely do all those spins lifts and inversions?

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Pole dancers demonstrating a split grip hold

It's true! In addition to giving you the strength you need to do the tricks you want, building up your pole dancing muscles will also help reduce your chances of injury. Having strong muscles mean you're going to be more in control on your pole. And being in control means you'll be much less likely to resort to momentum, which can be a dangerous thing if you rely on it instead of your muscle strength. 

In fact, muscle strength is so important to pole dancing that the Pole Fitness DVD series devotes an entire DVD to the topic of building strength.

More on that in a minute, but first let's get you started with a few sample pole exercises so you can get a feel for just how useful that vertical piece of steel can be.

Just tap or click on any of the photos shown below to see full instructions, more demo photos and safety tips.

(The exercises shown below are generally safe for most people in reasonable physical condition. However, for those who haven't packed their common sense on their pole journey, please read this disclaimer.)

Let's Get Pole Strong!

1 - Sitting Pole-Up Exercise

This exercise is a great way to start safely building the strength needed for lifts, holds and spins. While upper body strength is important for these types of moves, core control is equally critical. The sitting pole-up exercise - done correctly - helps you build both.

Once you can do a few sets of these, you can graduate to the kneeling and standing versions for more challenge.

See full instructions for the Sitting Pole-Up exercise here

2 - Pole Knee Lift Exercise

Like the sitting pole-up, this pole exercise builds both upper body and core strength, something you'll need a lot of as you start to learn some of the more difficult tricks and lifts.

You'll also be able to work on your split grip with this exercise. The split grip is commonly used for many intermediate and advanced moves, so it's a good idea to start working it into your practice sessions fairly early on.

See full instructions for the Pole Knee Lift exercise here

3 - Pole Lunge Exercise

This is an excellent exercise for toning your butt. As a matter of fact, if you don't feel this one the next day, something is definitely wrong!

While many people think of upper body strength when it comes to pole dancing, let's not forget about all those inverted leg grips, lay backs, and other advanced moves that require lower body strength. And then there's the tight buns factor. If you want some of that, this is the exercise for you!

See full instructions for the Pole Lunge exercise here

How Are You Doing So Far?

As you can see, pole exercises are a great way to build strength so you can have even more fun with pole dancing. And after all...strong is sexy, right?!

Would you like to learn even more exercises that you can do at home to build strength, tone your muscles, and prepare your body for the demands of more advanced tricks?

If you're looking to move ahead in your pole dancing, take a look at the Strength & Toning DVD. It's full of pole-specific exercises to help you get stronger so you can pole better.
News flash: this DVD is now available in a streaming version at a special price!

Introducing...The Strength & Toning DVD

If you KNOW you should devote more time to strength building exercises, but either don't know what to do, or lack the motivation to do it, help is here.

With this DVD you'll learn safe and effective pole exercises designed specifically to help you get stronger for pole dancing. Build core, upper body and lower body strength using just your body weight and your dance pole.

You'll also find advanced variations to help you progress, as well as modifications if you need to start off easier.

BONUS! You'll also get access to free, downloadable workout routines so you can choose the right exercises for your current fitness level, or for your target goals.

Using the exercises taught in the DVD, these workout routines give you specific guidance on how many reps and sets of each exercise to do, giving you several different options for putting the exercises together. No thinking or planning involved, just pick a workout and get on your pole.

Remember, strong is sexy. Build up your strength with these pole exercises and nail that move you've been struggling with all year. Get the Strength & Toning DVD today!

strength and toning DVD

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As with any fitness program, please be reasonable and know your limits. Start slowly and build gradually to avoid injury. And if you have any questions or concerns about whether these exercises are right for you, please check with your doctor, health care practitioner, personal trainer, or other professional who is familiar with your physical condition, abilities and any limitations or contraindications.

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