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This exercise will help you build the core and upper body strength needed to do lifts, holds and spins.

Start the Sitting Pole Up exercise by sitting cross legged with your legs around your pole.

Sit close enough so that your body is almost touching it (if you have some extra "squishy bits" they might touch the pole and that's OK).

Next, reach your hands above your head, but not too high.Your elbows should be bent and your grip should be firm.

When you're ready, engage your core muscles (think of tightening up your stomach as though someone were about to punch you) then slowly lift your body off the floor. Focus on using your core and upper body strength.

Your feet will assist in the lift, so you won't be taking all your body weight on your arms.

However, avoid rotating your feet all the way so that the soles are on the floor. If you do this, you may push with your legs and lose most of the upper body benefit.

Just allow the edges of your feet to give you a little support and keep you balanced.

When done correctly, this exercise is quite challenging! Remember, how high you lift yourself doesn't matter as much as the fact that you get off the ground. If you can only lift half an inch at first, that's great! Keep at it and soon you'll be lifting higher.

Lift slowly and with control, keeping your core muscles engaged. Pause at the top of the movement (ie the highest you're able to lift yourself), then lower slowly and with control, all the way to the floor.

Now change your hands around so the other hand is on top, and repeat the lift.

Keep your body very close to the pole as you lift, make sure your pelvis remains tucked underneath you, and keep those core muscles engaged!

You may start out with only 1 or 2 lifts on each side, but as you get stronger, work up to 6 lifts on each side (12 lifts in total) before moving up to the Kneeling Pole Lift variation (this is explained in my pole exercises DVD).

Sitting Pole Up Exercise - Reminders

  • Don't worry if you can't lift yourself very high at first...that will come with practice.

  • Don't put your hands too high on the pole at first; as you get stronger you can reach higher.

  • Do engage your core muscles before you start to lift.

  • Do keep your tailbone tucked underneath your hips, rather than letting it "pop" out the back.

  • Do change your hand position every time you lift, to ensure you strengthen both sides of your body equally.

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