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Pole dancing stretches are important if you want to increase your flexibility and prevent injury. After all, the longer and more supple your muscles, the easier it will be to get into all those crazy pole poses without hurting yourself!

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Did you know that you can use your dance pole as your personal stretching assistant to help improve your flexibility?

And aside from helping to prevent injuries, a regular stretching routine is something you'll need if you want to master those advanced moves.

That's why the Pole Fitness DVD series covers this important topic with a DVD just on stretching and flexibility.

You'll learn more about this DVD in a bit, but first let's take a look at a few sample pole dancing stretches together, so you can try them out for yourself.

Just tap or click on any of the photos below to see detailed information and more photos demonstrating each stretch.

Note: These stretches are generally safe for most people in reasonable physical condition. However, for those who haven't packed their common sense on their pole journey, please read this disclaimer)

Let's Learn Some Pole Dancing Stretches

1 - Pole Dancer Stretch

This is a modification on the Dancer Pose used in many Yoga classes. In this case, your dance pole provides balance if you need it, allowing you to start off with some support, and then progress in your balance and flexibility as you're ready.

Depending on which muscles are the most tight for you, this stretch may help to open up your chest and hip flexors, and will also give your hamstrings a nice wake up call.

See full instructions for the Pole Dancer Stretch here

2 - Pole Shoulder Stretch

Targeting a common area of tightness, this stretch is excellent for keeping your chest and shoulders open and loose. You should also feel a nice stretch through your biceps.

Since pole dancing requires a LOT of upper body strength, it's important to keep these hardworking muscles happy with proper stretching.

See full instructions for the Pole Shoulder Stretch here

3 - Pole V Stretch

This stretch is excellent for improving flexibility in the hips, lower back, inner thighs and hamstrings. Your dance pole is very effective for helping you maintain proper form to get the most out of this stretch.

If being able to do the splits is one of your goals, this will be a go-to stretch for you.

See full instructions for the Pole V Stretch here

How Did You Do?

As you can see, your dance pole can help with your flexibility in lots of ways. Stretches done with the aid of a pole can be a big help in loosening up those tight muscles and increasing your flexibility.

Would you like to learn more pole dancing stretches so you can lengthen your muscles, get more flexible, and help prevent injuries?

If you think stretching is as important as Your Pole Pal, you'll want to check out this DVD that's entirely devoted to helping you get nice and stretchy so you can be your best pole dance self. News flash: this DVD is now available in a streaming version at a special price!

Introducing...The Stretching & Flexibility DVD

If you're always telling yourself you should stretch more but you can never find the time or motivation, perhaps this DVD can help!

You'll learn a variety of stretches for the most important muscles used in pole dancing, to help keep them supple and happy after working out on your pole. And if flexibility is your goal, many of the stretches will help you get stretchy where it matters most: hips, hamstrings, inner thighs and more.

BONUS! This DVD is a whole lot more than just a bunch of stretches. It also includes a 20 minute routine using all the stretches you'll learn, put together into a nice relaxing flow.

It's a great way to actually DO the material on this DVD, even if time is tight. Once you learn how to do all these pole dancing stretches properly and safely, just follow along and in 20 minutes you'll be all stretched out and ready to get on with the rest of your day.

Remember, stretching exercises can help improve your flexibility and reduce your risk of injury. Get your Pole Fitness Stretching & Flexibility DVD today!

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As with any fitness program, please know your limits, start slowly, and build gradually to avoid injury. If you have any questions or concerns about whether these stretches are right for you, please check with your doctor, health care practitioner, personal trainer, or other professional who is familiar with your physical condition, abilities and any limitations or contraindications.

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