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I just bought a dancing pole and want to install it in my bedroom. The problem I am having is, I am not sure what my minimum space around my pole can be. My height is 1,52m and I weigh 53kg. Could you hopefully help?
~ Question submitted by Mariska

how much space do you need for a dance pole

While there are no hard and fast rules about how much space you should allow when installing your home dance pole, there are some general guidelines you'll want to take into account. Keep in mind though, that much depends on your height and what kind of spins and tricks you're planning to practice.

In general, most tricks, spins and lifts can be done with about four feet of clearance around the pole, assuming you have a good sense of spatial awareness and good control on the pole. Keep in mind that this should be considered minimally adequate space. Five to six feet is better, seven to eight feet is ideal if you're going to be doing full body spins.

In your case Mariska, since you are only about five feet tall, you'll likely find a four foot (1,22m) radius of clearance to be enough for the vast majority of pole dancing moves. Those who are taller, and especially those with long legs, may find they need more space.

The challenge is, very few bedrooms have even four feet of free space available all the way around a central point where the pole will be...remember, that's an eight foot diameter circle! You might be OK if your bedroom is very large, and/or you don't have much furniture in there, but realistically you're probably going to have to make some adjustments.

If a four foot radius would be a tight fit, you can certainly get away with less space, though obviously this depends on what kind of moves you plan to do. If you have less space to work with, you'll need to either adapt some moves, or leave them for when you can practice in a studio or other setting with more room.

Your Pole Pal has actually danced in some pretty tight spaces, but the more crowded the space the more aware of your surroundings you'll need to be. For example, if there's a dresser two feet to your left, it may be best not to extend your leg during a spin! In fact, you may find that the space you have available isn't suitable for spins due to a lack of clearance. 

The good news is that even if you have to install your home dance pole in a space with relatively little clearance, you'll soon find that you develop a good sense of spatial awareness and will be able to modify many of your tricks to accommodate your available space.

As well, there are many moves you can practice in a tight space. For beginners, floor-based turns, pivots, and slides will likely be appropriate. And for more advanced pole dancers,  climbs and holds can be practiced on your pole, even with relatively little clearance.

If you haven't yet purchased a dance pole, opting for a removable pole will allow you to use it primarily in your bedroom, but also give you the flexibility to move the pole temporarily to another location in your home to practice new moves that might require more space.

However if you don't have this luxury, and you must install your home dance pole in a small room or a tight space, rest assured many others have done the same. With good awareness of your space limitations, you'll soon discover which moves fit the space, and which ones don't. Focus on what you CAN do at home, save the moves that require more space for your studio classes, and dream of the day when you have a larger space for your home dance pole!

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