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We're working hard to uncover and list all the studios we can in the state of Utah. Here's one to get you started, and we promise to keep searching for the others....we know you're out there!

Salt Lake City
Bella Mé Pole Fitness

If this listing isn't nearby, you can always try our expanded search feature below to look for any new Utah pole dancing studios that may have opened since we last update this page. Here's how:

Just type "pole dancing" (no quotes) into the box, along with the name of your city, then click to start the search. The advantage of using this search method is that it goes beyond our on-site directory to find studios that haven't yet submitted their information to us, or new studios that we don't yet know about.

How did you make out?

Still no luck? Keep reading then, and we'll find a way to get you started one way or another!

You could try having a look at this page with information on different ways to learn on your own. You can still get started even if there are no classes near you, and this page offers several suggestions for doing just that.

For example, many people have successful used the following methods to teach themselves...

Of course, if you do plan to learn on your own at home, you'll most likely want to do some research into dance poles. There are many types available, and lots of options to choose from, so this information can help you get started figuring out what's best for you.

Good luck and happy poling!

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