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No Nebraska studios listed yet

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What? No pole dancing studios?! Uh oh, looks like the state of Nebraska is a bit behind the times.

OK that's it...we're sending a search team out right NOW to find out what's going on. There's gotta be a studio out there somewhere, or at least someone doing bachelorette parties.

We'll report back just as soon as we find something worth reporting on. In the meantime...

If you know of a studio, instructor, or party company that should be listed on this page, please send them that link above to get a free listing in our directory. Thanks!

Thankfully, all is not lost...

Since we don't have any studios listed in your area, why not use the search feature below to look beyond our directory.

Just type in the words "pole dancing" (without the quotes) and the city or area you want, then click the search button. This will return results from all over the internet that match your search query.

Still can't find a studio nearby?

Bummer. But don't give up just yet. Did you know that it's possible to DIY (do it yourself) when it comes to learning the moves and tricks?

That's right, you can set up your very own vertical gym in your home, then use one or more of these methods to teach yourself all you need to know...

These are all affordable, convenient, and effective methods for learning on your own, so if there's no studio close by, why not pick one and get started today? C''ll be fun!

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