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It seems that classes and studios are few and far between in the state of Mississippi, but we're working hard to locate additional studios.

In the meantime, you may find a studio near you in the listings just below. If not, be sure to use our free internet-wide search feature below to find out if any new studios have opened since we last updated this page.

Here are our current listings for the state of Mississippi:


Pilates For Life


Sassy Fitness

If there's nothing in your area, don't despair! Our search feature will help you cast a wider net. If new studios have opened recently, or they haven't yet sent us their listing information, running a search should find them (assuming they have an online presence of course).

All you have to do is enter "pole dancing" (no quotes needed) along with the nearest city to you, then click the search button. If there are any studios we don't yet know about, you'll see their website information displayed right here so you can click to contact them.sea

No luck finding a nearby studio with our extended search?

Darn it, that's no good! Well, let's see what else we can do for you.

To start off, how about taking a peek at this page with information on other ways you can learn, besides going to a local studio.

Lots of people who are frustrated because they can't find anywhere to take classes, end up teaching themselves at home. Of course, to do this you're going to need your own pole. Here's some information on the different kinds that are available, in case you want to do some research.

But don't worry, I've made it easy for you! There are several good companies you can buy from, and these detailed reviews can help you figure it all out.

Once you're set up with your equipment, the fun can begin! Here's how you can learn at home too:

So you see, even if there are no classes being offered close by, you can still have fun learning this fabulous form of vertical fitness. Enjoy!

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We know you're out there! Do you own a Mississippi pole dancing studio, or know someone who does? Be sure to submit your business information to our directory so we can give you some free promo too!