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It seems like forever that we've been trying to track down a studio or teacher in the state of Kansas, and just when we found one, we learned they've closed up shop!

Don't worry though, we'll keep searching and this page will be updated just as soon as we find out where all those Kansas pole dancers are hanging out.

Maybe you can help us out? If you happen to know of a Kansas pole dancing studio, instructor, or party company that we've missed, would you send them over to get a free listing?

That way, they can reach more potential students, and people who are looking for classes in Kansas will have an easier time. Thank you!

In the meantime, you might want to try our off-site search feature, just in case there's a studio in Kansas that we haven't found yet.

Just type in the words "pole dancing" (without the quotes) and the city or area you want, then click the search button. If there are new studios out there, they should show up on your search results page. And if you find one, remember to let them know to come on over here to get their free directory listing!

No luck with the search box?

Oh well, we'll keep looking. Someone is bound to start offering classes near you soon!

Since there don't seem to be any studios nearby, how about some of these ideas that can help you learn on your own at home...

Dance poles for your home are hugely popular nowadays. They're great for those who are taking classes and want to practice at home, as well as for the folks who have to take matters into their own hands and teach themselves.

You can get one too! To help you with your research, here are some detailed reviews for you to check out.

Of course, if you do decide to go this route, you'll probably want a little help learning the moves. Since you don't have an instructor in your living room to help you, here are a few suggestions:

More Helpful Suggestions...

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