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You'll find 20 studios listed here in the Greece Pole Dancing Directory. Last update: May 4, 2023.

Pole dancing studios are starting to spring up throughout Greece, and not just in the larger cities like Athens.

This directory displays each studio alphabetically, first by city or town, and then by studio name.

For each listing, you'll also see a way to contact the studio directly—either a website or Facebook URL, or a phone number. Use this information to get in touch with the studio if you have questions or want to book a class.

If you own a pole dancing studio in Greece that isn't in this directory yet, or if you have a listing that needs to be updated, please use this simple form to submit the details. Your Pole Pal will take care of the rest!


It's a good idea to call ahead if you plan to visit one of these studios. Hours of operation and class schedules have been omitted from the directory purposefully, because these can and do change frequently.

Save yourself a trip and call ahead.

Agios Dimitrios

Dance Art
Leof. Vouliagmenis 281, Ag. Dimitrios 173 43
+30 21 0976 5095


Pole Flame
Iera Odos 232, Egaleo 122 42
+30 697 879 7019


Volt Private Fitness Studio
Kritis 46, Argiroupoli 164 51
+30 693 864 8341


Kallirrois, Syggrou 77Β, Athina 117 45
+30 21 6800 9865

Polessence Pole Dance & Acrobatics Studio
Odemisiou 1 και, Evrou 40, Athina 115 27
+30 21 0010 7011

Pole Jam
Agias Eleousis 5, Athina 105 54
+30 693 636 6880

SpinTop Athens
Amphiarau 59, Athina 104 42
+30 21 1012 2952

Vertical Divas
Δικαιάρχου 42 &, Kiniskas, Athina 116 36
+30 694 963 8709


East Coast Studio
Omirou 18, Chalandri 152 32
+30 697 728 4303

Move On Pole Dance & More
Apokoronou 99, Chania 731 35
+30 690 916 2482


Flying Flow
Leof. El. Venizelou 57, Glifada 165 61
+30 694 944 0811


House of Pole by J&C
25is Martiou 19, Kallithea 176 76
+30 694 470 0388

Markopoulo Mesogaias

Vertical Divas
Σωτηρίου, Rempouskou 5, Markopoulo Mesogeas 190 03
+30 693 402 9209


Aerial Queens
Leof. Kifisias 215, Marousi 151 25
+30 693 600 1601

Nea Ionia

Vertical Divas
Alaias 6, Nea Ionia 142 31
+30 21 3037 7480


Pole Project
Chrisolora 12, Peristeri 121 32
+30 21 1410 8030

Vertical Divas
Damokleous 4, Peristeri 121 31
+30 693 710 4724

Pyrgos Kallistis

Pole Fiction
Pyrgos Kallistis 847 00
+30 698 712 7649


Cloud9 Poledancing
Katholikon 2, Thessaloniki 546 25
+30 231 056 6004

POLOSI Pole Studio
Valaoritou 12, Thessaloniki 546 26
+30 697 822 6561

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Still no luck?

It's possible that there aren't any studios in your area yet. In that case, you may want to check out the options below for learning at home. If you're keen to learn, there are plenty of resources out there to help you, even if you can't find a pole dancing studio or teacher near you.

Online Learning

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Books & Manuals

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Pole DVDs

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If you're interested in learning to pole dance at home, you'll also want to check out these dance pole reviews, to help you choose the best pole for your needs.

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