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You'll find 9 studios listed here in the Pole Dancing In Israel Directory. Last update: June 28, 2023.

Pole dancing studios are starting to spring up throughout Israel, and not just in the larger cities like Tel Aviv.

This directory displays each studio alphabetically, first by city or town, and then by studio name.

For each listing, you'll also see a way to contact the studio directly—either a website or Facebook URL, or a phone number. Use this information to get in touch with the studio if you have questions or want to book a class.

If you own a pole dancing studio in Israel that isn't in this directory yet, or if you have a listing that needs to be updated, please use this simple form to submit the details. Your Pole Pal will take care of the rest!


It's a good idea to call ahead if you plan to visit one of these studios. Hours of operation and class schedules have been omitted from the directory purposefully, because these can and do change frequently.

Save yourself a trip and call ahead.


Vita Nostra Pole Dance Eilat
Ha-Satat St 64
+972 53 778 3830


Pole Dance Theater Haifa
Tchernikhovski St 37
+972 54 544 9828


Alisa Pleskova - Pole dance
Ibn Gabirol St 14
+972 54 765 3720


Jpole Fitness 2
Kanfei Nesharim St 7
+972 72 393 7695

Rishon LeTsiyon

Israpol Rashalz
Elkhanan St 4
+972 52 848 4861

Tel Aviv

Jose Rodrigues Studio - Hayarkon
HaYarkon St 167
+972 53 283 6537

Midtown Dance Center
IL 6713223, Carlebach St 27
+972 52 888 8402

Pole Dance Israel
Kompert St 4
+972 50 950 0118

PoleFit Studio
14 Mohiliver Street
+972 58 642 7559

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It's possible that there aren't any studios in your area yet. In that case, you may want to check out the options below for learning at home. If you're keen to learn, there are plenty of resources out there to help you, even if you can't find a pole dancing studio or teacher near you.

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Pole DVDs

There are some awesome pole dancing DVDs available, by some equally awesome teachers and performers. Which one will you choose?

If you're interested in learning to pole dance at home, you'll also want to check out these dance pole reviews, to help you choose the best pole for your needs.

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