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We list hundreds of pole dancing classes, studios, and instructors in our searchable, worldwide directory. Unfortunately, none of them are located in PEI!

We're working on it though. We diligently scour the internet weekly, searching for new studios around the world, and inviting them to claim their free directory listing to make it easier for YOU to find them.

However, it seems that either there are not yet any studios in this area, or they haven't responded to our invitation.

No PEI Pole studios listed yet.
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How did that work for you? Hmmm, still searching I see. OK, how about this idea...get yourself a home dance pole and teach yourself!

No, really. You're not alone in not being able to find classes near you, and I can tell you that lots of people are taking the home study route. There are some really great resources available these days to help, like these...

And here's some information to help you learn about the different poles that are available for home use, just in case you decide to give it a go...

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