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Thanks to X-Pole for sponsoring our Nova Scotia pole dancing directory page!

Nova Scotia is just starting to get into the vertical arts, but I'm sure we'll soon see more offerings. Do be sure to check out our internet-wide search feature, as well as the "self-study" suggestions below the search box if there's nothing listed in your area yet.

A Pole Body Workout

Remember, if there are no listings in your city yet, you can give our search feature a whirl. It's fast and's how:

Just enter "pole dancing" (no quotes) along with your town or city, then click to search. Since it's powered by Google, our search engine can quickly scour the internet to bring back listings of any new studios that may not be listed in our directory yet.

Still can't find a studio nearby?

As promised, we still have a few more options for you. You can start by checking out this resource page to find out about other ways you can learn if there's no studio near you.

The main thing you'll need of course, is a special dance pole made for home installation. There are a couple of good quality brands available (and some not so good ones too, unfortunately).

If you like, you can start your research by reading these detailed reviews.

Once you've got your equipment handled, you'll probably want a bit of instruction to help get you started. Fortunately, there are several options here as well. Some popular choices for learning at home include:

You can help our directory grow, so more Nova Scotia pole dancing enthusiasts can enjoy the fun and benefits of this sport.

If you know of a teacher, or if a new studio opens near you, would you please send them the link to our directory submission page? We'll be happy to get them listed here to help potential students find them. Thanks!

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