How Much Are Pole Classes?

by Youa Yang
(St Paul MN, USA)

I'm interested in learning. I'm just wondering how much it is?

Susan from PDFF says:
I get this question all the time Youa, so I thought it would be a good idea to answer you on the site instead of by email, which is usually what I do.

Pole Dancing For is a website that provides resources and information on pole dancing as fitness activity.

Although I was a fitness instructor for nearly 30 years, and I used to teach many pole classes, I'm now retired from teaching.

I decided to create this website to help people who wanted to learn more about pole dancing, to connect students with teachers, and to provide resources for both studio owners and people who want to learn.

One of the most popular features of this site is my worldwide pole dancing directory. As far as I know, it was the first of its kind, and it's still unique in that any studio can get a free, full page listing to let the world know about their classes.

The only trouble is, even though I give the contact information for each studio right on their page, many visitors to this site think that they're actually on the website of that studio! So they end up using my "contact" button to ask me about classes.

Unfortunately, I don't have any more information about the studios listed in my directory, other than what they've put in their listing.

But if you go to the main pole dancing directory page and use either the search box or the geographic listings, you can find a studio near you.

Once you're on that studio's listing page, just look for their contact info. They MUST supply a website, email and/or phone number to be listed, so you can definitely get in touch with them that way.

I hope this helps you get the information you're looking for. Thanks for visiting, and have FUN with your pole dancing adventure!

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