Is there a difference between the pole dancing you would learn at a fitness class and club pole dancing?

by Steph

Just wondering if club style pole dancing is what they teach in classes, or is it something different?

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Yes...but it depends
by: Susan from PDFF

Thanks for your question Steph, I'm sure lots of others are wondering the same thing!

In general, yes there is a big difference between fitness based pole dancing and club pole dancing, assuming what you mean by "club" is strip club.

While pole dancing in a strip club takes place in the context of erotic entertainment, pole dancing in a dance studio or gym most often takes place in the context of fitness.

Whenever people look at me askance when I talk about pole dancing for fitness, I remind them that context is everything. A dance pole is a 2" piece of steel and we make up all the rest.

For example, there are similar poles on children's playgrounds and tetherball courts. It's not the pole that determines the purpose, it's the context.

So getting back to pole dancing in fitness classes, the focus here in usually on fun, exercise and empowerment rather than on stripping. That said, different classes and instructors vary widely in their approach. This result is that pole dancing for fitness takes place on a continuum, rather than within a narrowly defined box.

Some classes try to mimic the world of strip club pole dancing. Students are encouraged to dress in exotic dance wear and to bring high heels.

Other classes are done in yoga wear and bare feet, with a focus on building strength, grace, and flexibility.

Some instructors enjoy bringing detailed choreography into their classes, while others focus more on using the pole as a fitness tool, much life a ballet barre or a swiss ball or a body bar.

So while there is a more well-defined line developing between exotic pole dancing in clubs and fitness pole dancing in gyms and studios, there is still quite a bit of variation in how classes are taught and how the experience is packaged for students.

I always encourage students to visit the facility and talk to the teaching staff before signing up for classes. This will allow you to find out if their classes fit with your current comfort level and what you hope to get out of your pole dancing experience. Many pole studios also offer "taster" or "teaser" sessions so you can try them out before you commit to a full session.

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