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Looking for new pole dancing music? You've come to the right place!

Do you need some new tunes to stay inspired while you work out or practice your moves?

Perhaps you're an instructor looking for some new songs to keep your classes fresh and exciting.

Or maybe you're a music junkie and you've got your own playlists list to share with others.

This section of my website is dedicated to making it easier for you to find new songs for pole dancing.

You might also find it jogs your memory about old classics you may have forgotten about.

Have fun exploring, and I hope you find some great new tunes!

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All the pole dancing music playlists on this site were submitted by visitors just like you. They wanted to share their favourites with you...will you share yours with other enthusiasts in our sport too?

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Got some favourite pole dancing tunes? Don't keep them to yourself! Share your list of top pole dancing songs and artists below to help others discover some awesome pole dancing music!

Ready to find new music?

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Blanka's Playlist
For Pole Dancing
 Not rated yet
Thanks Blanka, for sending in your list of favourite pole dancing music all the way from Poland! Blanka's playlist appears below, but you …

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