I am interested in learning to pole dance however I have no muscles at all!

by Jenny

So would I need to tone up some before attempting to learn pole dancing? Or can I use pole dancing as a way to get stronger without hurting myself?

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Go For It!
by: Susan from PDFF

Thanks for your question Jenny. A lot of women wonder the same thing...."should I build strength before I take up pole dancing, or will pole dancing give me the strength I need?"

Not to worry, you can definitely start pole dancing as a way to tone up and build strength, though of course it wouldn't hurt to get into a strength training routine before hand.

Trouble is, for so many women lifting weights is such a chore! They'd rather do something more fun like pole dancing to build strength...right? :)

But whether or not pole dancing is out of reach for you as a beginner with "no muscles" (c'mon, I'm sure you have some muscle don't you?) all depends on who your instructor is and how she structures her classes.

In my own teaching, I make my beginner classes very accessible and do-able by the average woman with little upper body strength. We start off with simple but sexy moves, and gradually build up to a couple of easier spins.

In fact, often the women are surprised at how much there is to pole dancing besides strength moves. There's coordination, grace, confidence, musicality, and a dozen other little details that all contribute to an awesome dance, even if you only do beginner moves.

However I have seen classes advertised as beginner level where students are learning climbs and inverts! So it really is dependent on the studio or instructor's definition of "beginner."

If I can suggest something that might help, you could visit this page about pole dancing classes and scroll down about half way where you'll see a list of questions you may want to ask before you sign up for a class.

Hopefully this will help you determine whether the class you're considering matches your needs and your current fitness level.

Most instructors will be happy to talk with you before hand about your fitness level and any concerns you might have. If, after speaking with the studio, you feel their beginner class is going to be out of reach, then you have a few other choices:

Look for another teacher or studio nearby that offers something more at your level.

Take a private pole dancing lesson or two to help bring yourself up to speed.

Buy your own dance pole to use at home on your own, until you're ready to tackle a class situation.

Head to the gym and get yourself on a strength training program that will prepare you for pole dancing.

I hope this helps, and I do encourage you to give pole dancing a try...many women have been amazed at how much fun they have getting strong!

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