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If you're a pole dance instructor or studio owner, or you're aspiring to become one, you probably have questions. Not to worry, Your Pole Pal has answers!

Maybe you're interested in learning to teach pole dancing, but are wondering what it takes to be a pole dance teacher or how to get started.

Perhaps you're an experienced instructor or a studio owner looking for teaching or marketing resources, or wondering how you can improve some aspect of your business.

The FAQs on this page have been specifically curated for pole dance teachers, individuals aspiring to be pole instructors, and current or future pole studio owners. Whether you're looking for a certification program, need some solid business advice, or are simply curious about the ins and outs of running a successful pole studio or about teaching pole in general, you'll find answers here.

I’m looking for an instructor for my studio. Do you have any suggestions for how to find pole dance teachers?

If you're looking for teaching staff but keep coming up empty handed, here are some tips on where to find potential instructors. You'll also learn how to properly assess your studio's needs, so that you hire an instructor with the proper skill set to complement your existing staff's assets. Read the full article...

Is pole dancing a lucrative career? How much can I expect to make as a pole dancing teacher?

Whether you're an aspiring instructor who'll soon be looking for a job teaching pole dancing, or a studio owner looking to hire your first instructor, this is an important question. Check out this helpful pole dance instructor salary information.

What's the best way to go about finding pole dancing jobs?

Your Pole Pal gets a lot of inquiries from enthusiastic pole dancers wanting to know how to make the move to teaching. This article has tons of info to help you find pole dancing jobs as an instructor, including where to get training. Read the full article...

Do you have any suggestions for ways I can help new students feel welcome and included at my studio?

Helping your new students feel welcome and at home in your studio is an important first step to gaining repeat business and referrals. These ideas can help new students feel more comfortable at your studio during their first few classes, so they'll be more likely to return (and bring their friends!). And if you're a new studio owner on a tight budget, you'll be happy to know that each of these actionable tips is either free or very inexpensive to implement. Read more...

My team of instructors is great, but I feel that a couple of them could use a few pointers when it comes to the actual teaching part of their job. They're all fantastic pole dancers, but I'd like to help them be better teachers too. Got any tips?

As pole dance teachers, it's easy become focused on the skill set of "pole dancing," and forget that we also need to consider our teaching skills. This article offers several do-able steps instructors and studio owners can take to ensure they continue to evolve as pole dance teachers. Read the article here...