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Do you need to know what a suitable pole dance instructor salary is?

Whether you're an aspiring teacher, or a studio owner looking to hire your first instructor, this is an important question!

I wish there were an easy answer, but the fact is, there are so many variables that determine pay rates.

Some of these variables include:

  • experience level and reputation of the instructor - obviously a new instructor won't command the same salary as a championship performer
  • geography - teaching jobs in larger cities tend to pay more than those in smaller cities simply because the cost of living is higher
  • what kind of training or certification the teacher has
  • whether the studio agrees to provide additional training, as with an apprenticeship program for example
  • the instructor's overall responsibilities - are classes on-site or will she travel to a satellite location and do set up?
  • teaching responsibilities - classes involving advanced aerial moves require a different skill set than beginner, fitness based classes or parties designed as an introductory experience
  • the current supply/demand for instructors in a given area

To help you with this important question, I'm compiling detailed information from studio owners on how much they pay, and from instructors on how much they earn. You can get the latest here.

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You can read what others have said about what pay rates are like in their area, and you can help others by leaving your own comments and information about how much instructors are paid in your area.

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