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If your basic black boots are getting a bit tired, maybe something a bit more devilish is in order to spice things up!

Sexy thigh high red platform boots

Pole dancers love boots, both for the sexy factor and the way they protect your skin and improve your grip, while making you look hot.

And there's nothing like a pair in RED to do the trick.

Next to basic black, red is the hot color in boots for pole dancing. After all, nothing says sexy quite like red!

They lend a touch of "WOW!" to an all black outfit, and they look great with white too, especially if it's trimmed with red as well.

To say nothing of going all that's one hot look!

Mind you, you have to be comfortable in the limelight if you're going to pull off the devilish look. But then again, I don't know many pole dancers looking for sexy red boots who are all that shy!

But don't worry, if this isn't the colour for you after all, I've got lots of other collections for you to browse.

Enjoy Shopping!

Don't see any sexy red boots that do it for you? Maybe you'll find something you like below...

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That way, you can see all the details, read descriptions, and compare prices right here. I hope this helps you find what you're looking for faster, and makes your shopping trip more fun!

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Sexy Red Boots for pole dancing

Remember, red is a very bold colour, so it's the perfect choice for some of the more edgy styles. But beware of buckles, zippers and other hardware that can damage your pole. No matter which colour you choose, this will be a factor if you plan to use your new boots for spins, climbs and other advanced moves.

Also, keep in mind that man made materials such as polyurethane (often referred to as "PU" in the description) and PVC (sometimes called "patent") offer much better grip that real leather, which is actually very slippery against your dance pole.

If in doubt, be sure to check with the merchant to be sure the boots you're considering will be right for pole dancing. But of course if you don't plan to pole dance in them, feel free to choose any type of material you like!

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