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I created this section to help you sort out how to buy a dance pole that's best for you. And, you can rest assured I'm only interested in giving you honest, objective recommendations for high quality products.

As of this writing, there are a handful of major manufacturers worldwide, plus several small and/or local outfits, along with the usual assortment of cheap knockoffs and offshore imitations.

With this in mind, I want to stress that although I review all products fairly, I only recommend companies that I truly feel offer a quality product at a fair price, and that back up their products with excellent customer service.

Top Recommendations

Three of the major brands that I've reviewed so far have earned a "thumbs up." But rather than just give you a list of which poles I recommend, I've gone one step further.

I've tested each pole myself, from unpacking and installing to spins and inversions. And I've written up my findings in detail, complete with plenty of photos and commentary.

You can get the inside scoop on any of the poles I've tried below. Just click each link to read a detailed review of that company's products, customer service, and much more. I sincerely hope you find these dance pole reviews helpful as you prepare to purchase your very own pole!

MiPole Review

The MiPole is a relative newcomer, and is competing heavily on price. Nonetheless, I found it to be a sturdy, quality product backed by excellent customer service. Worth checking out especially if you're on a tight budget.

Click to Read My Review of the MiPole

X-Pole Review

XPole scores very highly in my review. Especially if you're looking for a platform pole or a portable model with lots of options, you might want to check out what XPole has to offer.

Click to Read My Review of the XPole

Lil Mynx Review

Lil Mynx is my overall top pick, for a number of reasons. From the wide variety of models available, to quick shipping times, and outstanding customer service, Lil Mynx rocks it.

Click to Read My Review of Lil Mynx Products

Each of the detailed reviews above covers:

  • the different types of poles and accessories available from that company
  • my personal experience with the company's products
  • basic assembly and installation information
  • approximate shipping times and costs
  • warranty information
  • customization options
  • customer service and support rating
  • many other details to help you make an informed buying decision

A quality dance pole is a big purchase, so it pays to do some homework to find your best option. A little time invested in research now will pay big dividends once your shipment arrives, as you'll be assured that you made the right decision for your specific needs.

Below you'll also find links to reviews of the products I don't recommend, along with my reasons, for those who are curious about why they don't appear on my recommended list.

Actually, if you're interested, you can read more about how I choose the products I recommend on this website, and why I'm picky about the companies, products and services I do recommend.

These Poles Are NOT Recommended

Unfortunately, Platinum Stages didn't make my recommended list for a variety of reasons. Click the link above if you'd like to find out why.

The Peekaboo Pole and Electra Pole are two others I don't recommend for serious students. These are not professional quality, and are not intended to handle weight bearing moves such as spins, climbs and inversions.

I'll expand on this some more, just as soon as I have time to write up more detailed dance pole reviews on these products. Be back soon!

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