Can I teach pole dancing without getting my qualification?

by jessica Jones
(england )

I am currently doing pole dancing lessons and I am seen as an advanced pole dancer. I have been asked to teach with a sports complex as a way 2 keep fit ! i will continue to do pole dancing until I am fully qualified but can i teach a beginners course until then? Do I need a certificate to say i can teach? I help out a lot with beginners teaching anyway and I know that I am capable of supporting when/where needed. I just didn't know if i would be allowed to do so without having certified training? xx

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Most likely yes!
by: Susan from PDFF

Thanks for your question!

As of this writing, there are no qualification standards needed to become a pole dance teacher, as long as you aren't using a trademarked name such as "S-Factor" or another name that requires you to have completed a specific training course.

In other words, anyone can hang up a shingle and offer generic pole dancing classes. However, you will probably want to do all that you can to ensure you offer safe, well-designed classes if you're thinking of becoming a pole dance instructor.

Certain gyms, fitness centers or pole dance studios may have their own standards or certifications they require of all their instructors, regardless of what's being taught. Many pole dancing studios offer apprenticeship or training programs as well so it's worth inquiring into this if you're interested in teaching. However it sounds like you've been doing a fair bit of this informally already.

My own feeling is that, at a minimum, it's probably a good idea to take a fitness certification course, as this will give you the basics of anatomy, safety and class design. You'll most likely be required to take CPR and first aid as part of a fitness certification program as well. Plus, you'll usually have access to affordable group insurance, which is important if you're going to be teaching.

Many countries have a national fitness certification organization where you obtain further information. Also, each province, district or state often has its own certifying body which you can usually contact by searching for " fitness certification."

In addition to the fitness aspect of certification, obviously you'll also want to make sure you get adequate training in pole dancing, and that you have opportunities to practice your teaching skills. Again, it sounds like you've got these bases covered.

For others who are reading this question, this can be done by taking an instructors' course offered by a local pole dance studio, though not many yet offer this. There are also a few online certification options available. But the most accessible training option for many potential instructors is probably to approach a local studio and inquire about a teaching apprenticeship.

From what you say, you sound confident and competent to be able to teach a beginner's pole dancing class, so my best advice would be to check with the sports complex regarding insurance (often you will be covered under theirs) and any requirements they have in particular. Then continue with your training and perhaps register in a fitness instructor training course to further your general knowledge of safety and class design.

Best of luck with your future pole dancing career!

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