Dimentions either side of pole needed

by mariska
(harrogate, uk)

I just bought a dancing pole and want to install it in my bedroom. The problem I am having is, I am not sure what my minimum space around my pole can be. My height is 1,52m and I my weight 53kg.

Could you hopefully help?


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No rules, just guidelines
by: Susan from PDFF

Great question! Many people wonder about how much room they should allow for pole dancing, so I'll do my best to give you some guidelines.

In general, most tricks, spins and lifts can be done easily with 4 feet of clearance around the pole. However, very few bedrooms have this much free space available, unless they are very large or you don't have much furniture in there!

If this would be a tight fit for you, be aware that this is not a hard and fast rule, just a guideline. You can certainly get away with less space if you have too, though this does depend on what kind of moves you plan to do.

Personally, I've pole danced in some pretty tight spaces, but the more crowded the space the more aware you'll need to be. For example, if there's a dresser two feet to your left, be careful not to crack your foot on it if you extend your leg during a spin!

Even if you have to put your pole up in a space with relatively little clearance, you'll soon find that you develop a good sense of spatial awareness and will be able to modify many of your tricks to accommodate your available space.

Of course, if you have a removable pole you can always move it to another location in your home to practice new moves that might require more space. However if you don't have this luxury, I encourage you to just start off slowly with lots of awareness of your space parameters. You'll soon discover which moves fit the space, and which ones don't!

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