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Looking for a pair of leather platforms? This collection includes both genuine and man-made leathers, from ankle booties to sexy thigh highs. Come on in and browse!

Sexy leather boots are extremely popular for pole dancing, exotic dancing or just for fun!

But polers take note: If you're looking for protection from pole burn, and/or to help your grip when climbing, be sure to stay far away from genuine leather.

Click to learn more about real vs. man-made leather if you're going to be dancing in your boots.

Or, if you know which type you want, start browsing below!

Particularly helpful on the pole are a pair of sexy thigh boots (or higher) in a man-made material. The PVC or polyurethane fabric actually helps you stick better so you can climb more easily. And the higher up your leg the material comes, the more protection you'll get from friction burn on your tender thighs.

If you're interested in genuine leather platform boots, you'll find a few pairs just below. Or click to see some man-made sexy leather boots a bit further down on this page.

Genuine leather options

Man-made imitation leather

Couldn't find your perfect pair? Not to worry, I've got lots of other pages filled with amazing footwear.

You Might Like to Know...

I've chosen all the boots and shoes that you'll see displayed here on my website, but please note that I don't sell any of them directly.

Instead, I search out the best footwear at the best prices, and organize them all here in one place for you. This makes it easy for you to order whatever you'd like directly from the supplier at the best possible price.

Here's all you have to do: when you find your perfect pair of sexy boots, just click on the picture and you'll instantly be transported to the supplier's website where that item is available. Once there, you can proceed straight to the checkout to make your purchase, or if you want, you can keep browsing in case something even sexier catches your eye.

You'll always be able to return to this page to keep browsing my collection, because this window will stay open in the background while you look around the supplier's site.

Should I Get Real Leather Platform Boots For Pole Dancing?

Here's the scoop on real vs. imitation leathers such as PVC or polyurethane (PU):

Many pole dance enthusiasts decide to buy a pair of thigh high boots to help protect their legs from friction burns, and to help improve their grip for climbing. But if you're looking specifically for pole dancing boots, genuine leather won't help your leg grip at all. In fact, real leather is actually quite slippery.

So while leather is fine strictly for fashion or for off-pole dancing, pole dancers looking for platform boots would be better off with man-made materials. These are much "stickier" and provide amazing grip for climbing. Because of this, they'll also protect the delicate skin of your inner thighs from the inner thigh pain that's so common when learning new tricks.

Real or Man-Made Leather - How Can I Tell?

How can you tell if you're buying real or fake leather? Well, if the boots look very shiny, or the description uses any of these terms: patent, PVC, or PU, you can be sure they're NOT real leather and should therefore be safe for pole dancing.

Another tip off is price. Typically (but not always) genuine leather is more expensive than man-made materials.

Of course that's good news for pole dancers on a budget, since you'll want to stay away from real leather anyway!

If you're unsure, or if the description isn't clear, better to ask the supplier before placing your order, just to make sure.