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Looking for plus size boy shorts? Whether you're searching for something sexy to wear to pole dancing class, or you just like the look and feel of this cut, we've gathered up a nice little collection just for you.

Boy shorts can be a bit hard to define, as everyone seems to have a different concept of exactly what they are.

Some are like actual shorts, albeit with an emphasis on "short!" Think of 1960's hot pants and you'll have the general idea.

Others are definitely meant to be worn as undies, though the daring might enjoy showing off a particularly pretty pair in pole class.

These are usually more like a full coverage panty, but with a slightly higher cut at your butt so you get a bit of "cheek peek."

Some have ruffles, some are made of sheer fabrics or lace, others have cute sayings on the butt.

But the main thing they all have in common is that they don't have a high cut leg. So if you prefer the lower, straighter cut across the top of your thigh, one of the boy shorts shown below might be perfect for you.

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Helpful Tip: Styles change often, so if you find a boy short that you especially like, it's often worthwhile to stock up.

More and more plus size clothing is available in bright and fun colours (instead of just boring old black and navy!) so why not order in a variety of colours once you've found a style that you really love?

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