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Pole Fitness: Pole Cardio

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Pole Cardio - Basic Info

This DVD is about 45 minutes long and is like an aerobics class on the dance pole. This is not an instructional pole dancing DVD, but rather a pole fitness workout DVD where the instructor leads you through a fat-burning cardio pole dance routine.

From the DVD Cover:

Pole Cardio is NOT another pole tricks DVD! It's a high energy, low impact, aerobic pole dance workout that incorporates simple pole moves into a a fun and sassy cardio routine. And it's guaranteed to get your glow on!

You'll be amazed at how hard you'll work during this 40 minute class, yet you don’t need to know a single spin or fancy pole trick.

Pole dancers of all levels - from beginner to expert - can enjoy this fun cardio routine, and it’s so much fun you’ll hardly even notice that you’re working out!

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Comments for Pole Cardio

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seems good ...
by: K

from the review ... this does seem like a good dvd to incorporate with pole workouts

Sounds wonderful...!
by: Jo Jude

I have rated it 3 stars for now based on what I have read and not based on putting the DVD into practice as I am currently not in the position to but the DVDs in order to put it to good use until sometime in June.

From what I have read, it sounds like this is something I could really use at home to incorporate into my home work-out excercise regime that I be adapting once I start my time off work for 3 months.

I will definitel come back to this website to look into putting some orders in.

Way Fun Workout!
by: Deb

Wow, so much fun, and such a good workout too! Just like it says, this DVD really focusses on aerobics. You don't learn any pole tricks or spins but that's not the point. It's like an aerobics class but on your pole, so you really sweat.

I love it that I can get more use out of my pole by using it for a cardio workout and not just traditional pole dancing. The moves aren't hard but when you put them all together like with this routine it's great exercise. Plus they're fun and sexy too, but easy to do.

I think this DVD would be good for any pole dance enthusiast who wants to get more fit in general. It's also great if you need a break from learning pole tricks, or maybe if you're injured, since you don't have to lift yourself up the pole or anything.

Really fun! And the students she's teaching are great, they look like real women, not picture perfect models LOL!

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