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Pole dancing as a form of exercise is a wonderful thing. Think about it for a minute...

For less than the price of one of those all-in-one home gyms you see on late night infomercials, a dance pole can help you:

  • build and tone muscle
  • burn calories for weight loss
  • increase your flexibility
  • improve confidence and body awareness to help you look and feel your best
  • have the funnest workout of your life!

It's true! In addition to the fun factor, your dance pole is also an incredible fitness tool...once you really understand how to use it.

And that's the whole purpose of this section, to help you get the most out of your pole time.

Maybe you're wondering how you can get strong enough to do those crazy tricks you see the pros doing, or whether you'll ever be able to do the vertical splits.

Or perhaps you'd like to get more of a cardio workout but aren't sure how to go about it without overdoing the spins and lifts.

Fortunately, with just a little know-how, your pole can do double duty as both a dance prop and a fitness tool.

Whether you want to get stronger, increase your flexibility, or learn how your pole can help you get a fantastic cardio workout, the following sections can help you reach your goals.

Strength & Toning Pole Exercises

Do you want to get started with a pole dancing exercise program? Check out these strength exercises. Each one is designed to improve muscle tone and make you stronger for all those lifts and spins you'll soon be doing.

Stretching & Flexibility For Pole Dancing

In this section you'll learn some great stretches to help develop long, supple muscles, improve your flexibility, and help prevent injuries.

Cardio Pole Dancing Exercise

pole dance workou

Looking to torch some calories? Your Pole Pal has just the thing! This Pole Cardio workout is an awesome aerobics class on your pole, using fun and sexy ground-based moves. Start burning fat and getting in shape right NOW, even if you don't know any tricks or advanced moves.

Pole Dancing Exercise Program

Pssst! Your Pole Pal has created a complete Pole Fitness Program for you on DVD. It's designed to help you burn calories, build strength and get more flexible, all in the comfort of your own home.

Learn all about this DVD program, including a video preview. Plus, find out how to get your free pole dancing exercise and workout guide!

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