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These sexy light up shoes are just about the coolest thing going! They come in a variety of colours, styles and heel heights, so there's something for everyone's taste.

If you're looking for a shoe that will stand out at an upcoming pole dance competition you're sure to find it here.

Of course, you may just be looking for something fun to wear to pole class, or even just around the house as a special treat for that someone special!

Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy browsing these super fun shoes.

And if you need batteries for your light up shoes, we have those too!

If you're wondering about how easy it is to change the batteries, it's actually quite simple. Most of the shoes have a small lighting mechanism under the front lining of the shoe.

You carefully peel up the lining material, remove the light, replace the battery and slip it back in.

Then use a hair dryer to soften the glue of the lining, and press it back into place. It should stick again, just like new!

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Keep in mind that we don't actually stock or sell any of the shoes that you see here. Our job is to search for the best deals on the hottest shoes, and bring them all together so you'll have an easier time finding what you want.

You can buy them of course, but we simply provide links directly to the sites that do sell them, so that you can get the best price and fastest delivery. We hope you enjoy this service!

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