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Sexy Mary Jane shoes are such a great blend of hot and cute. The strap across the top of the foot is what defines them as Mary Janes, but you'll see a huge variety of different looks if you browse the shoes below.

For example, check out the red plaid Mary Jane with a mid-height heel that will give you that naughty school girl look.

Or for a more sophisticated look, choose a Mary Jane stiletto heel.

Yes, I said stilettos and Mary Jane in the same sentence...who'd have thought?!

There are also chunky Mary Janes, sparkly glitter options, even camo!

Whether you want peep toe or closed toe; basic black or wild color combinations; leather, sparkles or lace; you'll find pretty much any style you can think of right here.

Oh, and did I mention that these make a great costume shoe as well...just check out the sweet little bumble bee and ladybug shoes near the bottom of this page!

The Mary Jane style is also great for costume parties and pole dancing performances because the strap helps to ensure they stay on securely and don't go flying off your foot during an inversion.

I had a great time searching for this collection for you. If you love the Mary Jane look, I just know you'll love these shoes.

Happy shopping!

Couldn't find your perfect pair? Don't give up, I've got lots more pages of sexy shoes for you to browse!