Studio City, CA
Polistic Pole Dance & Sexy Pilates

Designed for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages; this celebratory & soothing movement will inspire and empower you.

Here, your Emotional Intensity, Intuitive Instincts, & Seductive Nature are valued most.

Enjoy a community of women unlike what you may have ever experienced before.

One of the gifts of this movement is the discovery of the unique beauty that lies within each curve, crevice, arch, stretch & emotion of the treasure that is you.

Upon this self-discovery we all come to the genuine realization that everyone of us is beautiful in our own individual way, leading us to a path of true encouragement & support of our sisters.

Authentic Self Expression through the marriage of mind, body, and spirit allows you to speak the voices of thousands of women over thousands of years with your rediscovered or further cultivated Body language. Revel in your femininity & Fall in Love with yourself all over again.

Welcome to Polistic, where Soul Moves Body.

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Phone: 818.769.4364

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