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These styles are hot, but be careful that you don't fall off!

Most of the styles on this page are intended to be worn by exotic dancers, but of course many pole dance students will love the look as well.

If you're searching for something that's way out there - or way up there - be sure to check these ones out.

I've searched high and low (OK, just high actually) to bring you this collection of platform heels that go to the extreme.

To qualify for the distinction of being featured on this page, every shoe had to have a heel height of at least 6 inches.Many are even higher, with lots of choices in the 7 to 8 inch range.

And of course, they all have platforms of varying height, which makes it waaaaay easier to walk or dance in them!

You'll find black, white, clear, red, and even a few pretty pink ones. Of course, there are also a few more unusual styles with fancy embellishments if you're looking for something special.

Popular styles include platforms with built in tip slots, silver coloured stiletto heels, and a touch of rhinestone detailing.

Take your time and enjoy browsing these eye-catching platform shoes!

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