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If gothic platform shoes or boots are your thing, come on in and browse. Whether you're going for the goth pole dancer look, or just want to pump up your vampire style, you'll find it here!

I even found these sexy vampire heels!

While not technically goth I suppose (they lack that characteristic chunky look), they do pull off the vampire theme exceptionally well, don't you think?

Just remember though, if you're going to be dancing in anything truly goth, that buckles, chains, studs and other sharp objects aren't really such a good idea.

These embellishments can really do damage to your pole, and they don't always make for soft landings when doing floor work.

Plus, gothic footwear can make it difficult to move gracefully as these styles often (though not always) have a "stickier" sole that doesn't glide well on the floor.

But if you plan your routine well, you can definitely get away with this look.

The main things to stay away from when combining "embellished" goth footwear with vertical dancing would be inversions requiring leg holds, as well as spins where your feet or legs (in the case of boots) are in contact with the any metal parts (to avoid scratches).

Happy Shopping!

Too much or too little goth for you? Not to worry my pretty, there are loads and loads of other choices just waiting to be discovered. If nothing on this page appeals to you, just head back to the main catalog page and check out...