Platform Shoes With Fish?

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Yes, apparently these unique '70's theme shoes are back in vogue...who knew?! They're hard to come by these days, but we found them, for both men and women!

And no, the fish aren't real. Hey, don't laugh...I've actually had people email to ask me about this!

They're fake plastic fish so they'll look bright and cheery for much longer than the real thing, which I don't expect would survive being shipped to you anyway.

I've searched high and low trying to find these for you, and I finally found them. They're made by Ellie Shoes and are available only at as far as I can tell.

Just click the bright orange "details" button right below any of the photos and you'll be taken directly to the order page with all the information.

Now I know that this is a pole dancing web site, and 90% of my visitors are women (the other 10% are usually "researching" for their wives and girlfriends!), but these shoes are so unique and so hard to find, that I just had to show you the mens' versions as well.

Now why on earth there are four styles of platform shoes with fish for men, and only one for women, is beyond me!

But there you have it ladies and gentlemen...unique and sexy footwear for the ladies (if you happen to think having stuff "swimming" around your feet is sexy!), and disco inspired platforms for men, both with real fake fish inside!

Fish not your thing after all? Never mind, let's go look at something else.

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