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  • Have you been searching for an effective pole cardio program to help you burn more calories?

  • Do you want to get more flexible and prevent injury?

  • Do you need to build more strength so you can start learning (or improve on) the more advanced moves?

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The Pole Fitness Program!

The Pole Dancing Fitness Program on DVD is a unique new concept for those interested primarily in the fitness aspects of the sport.

Only $65 for the complete set - Save $10!

Or, watch the short preview video below to see some highlights.

While there are many excellent DVDs available that teach spins, tricks, and other advanced moves, until now there hasn't been a complete program that focuses specifically on pole fitness - a program that breaks down the three main aspects of fitness:

  • Cardio
  • Strength/Toning
  • Flexibility you can get the most out of your exercise routine, even if you can't invert, spin, or climb your pole (yet!)

The pole dancing fitness DVD program includes:

Cardio - DVD #1 is a "simple but not easy" cardio dance routine.

Join me and two of my students as we take you through a super fun, high energy, low impact, 40 minute aerobic dance workout on the pole.

There are no spins or airborne moves (so even newbies can do it!) but a good sweat and major calorie burn are guaranteed.

Learn More About This DVD - $25 when purchased alone

Strength & Toning - learn to use your dance pole as a vertical home gym in the 2nd DVD in this set.

Lori helps me demonstrate upper body, lower body, and core strengthening exercises using only your dance pole and your own body weight.

This DVD will help you build the strength you need to safely execute all those spins, lifts and crazy tricks!

Learn More About This DVD - $25 when purchased alone

Stretching & Flexibility - the final DVD in the series shows you how to work with your dance pole to help improve your flexibility.

Your pole can help you stretch muscles that are hard to get at, and it can also help ensure your form is correct so you get the most out of every stretch.

Plus, join me in a relaxing 20 minute stretching routine that you can do anytime you like!

Learn More About This DVD - $25 when purchased alone

If you own a dance pole, or are thinking of buying one, this pole dancing fitness DVD program will help you get strong, fit and flexible. You'll be better prepared for all those advanced tricks, reduce your risk of injury, and enjoy your vertical adventures that much more.

Take advantage of this special pricing on the

Pole Dancing Fitness DVD program

Only $65 for the complete set

Save $10!

Important Note: These DVDs are Region 0, which means they will play on any DVD player worldwide and are not restricted to certain countries or regions.

However, they use the NTSC standard, so if you live in an area where PAL is the common standard, please check your DVD player to make sure it will accept NTSC DVDs. Some do, even though your local standard may be PAL.

The DVDs will also play on any computer.

More Details
The complete 3 DVD Pole Dancing Fitness DVD Series is only $65 when purchased as a set. Each DVD is individually priced at $25, so that's a $10 savings off the price you'd normally pay to purchase each DVD separately.

All 3 DVDs will be shipped directly to you from our fulfillment house, normally the next business day after ordering.

You'll get nearly two and a half hours of pole-specific fitness, including cardio, strength work, and some great flexibility stretches.

Together, these DVDs will help you get stronger, fitter and more flexible, using the funnest workout tool ever...your dance pole!

Save yourself $10 today
by ordering the Pole Fitness DVDs as a complete set!

Of course, if you'd prefer to just order one or two of the DVDs, you can do that too. Just click on any of the single DVD images above. You'll be taken to a detail page from which you can place your order.

Please Note: Due to copyright issues, we regret that refunds are not offered on opened DVDs, unless due to manufacturer's defects.