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Shorts with side laces have been a hugely popular pole dance clothing item for quite some time now. It's no surprise really...this is a style with almost endless variations that lends itself to lots of great color combinations and accents. Plus, they're super cute!

But one of the best things about side tie shorts is that many of the styles are actually adjustable in terms of length and/or fit. Of course, the advantage of being able to tweak the fit is that you can get the perfect grip on your pole, without exposing more skin than you're comfortable with.

Suggestions for Shorts with Side Laces

black shorts with side ties

These side tie shorts offer a touch more modesty than many shorts, though they still leave plenty of skin for poling. They come in different colours including black and navy.

The fabric is 80% nylon and 20% spandex to offer you lots of stretch and a comfortable fit. They're also full lined front and back.

Machine washable in cold water and hang to dry. These side tie shorts are available online through Amazon.

Check out these leopard print shorts with side laces from...wait for it...Sassy Assy!

These are one size and low rise, with lots of stretch in the lycra fabric.

They rate pretty high on the cheeky scale though, so as long as you're comfortable showing off your, ahem, "assets" then you may like to take a closer look.

This style is available in several prints and colors too, including stars and stripes, camo, money print and many others.

These shorts from Onzie have side laces at the waist, rather than the bottom of the leg, which means they are adjustable in waist size as well as leg length.

Onzie is a quality yoga wear brand that will stand up to the rigors of pole dancing.

Available in several colors and patterns, these side tie shorts are sure to please!

Your Pole Pal is always on the lookout for new brands and styles in pole clothing, so if you don't see any side tie shorts you like today, be sure to check back later as this page gets regular updates.

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