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by Allison Holley
(Boise, Idaho)

Ophidia Studio

Ophidia Studio

Ophidia Studio is Idaho's premiere Pole Dancing studio, with a location in Boise and one soon to open in Nampa.

Our Boise studio is located at 4464 Chinden Blvd, Suite A

Below are the classes we offer and descriptions for each:

*Pole Dancing - 5 different levels, plus routines classes for each level. We focus on strength, sensuality, and flexibility, and having a great time in a friendly community of pole enthusiasts!

*Aerial Yoga - a relaxing and gentle way to do traditional yoga as well as some non-traditional aerial based poses. Perfect for decompression and bringing out your playful inner monkey!

*Belly Dancing - Taught by Kristen Hill, this class will focus on posture, movement, and drills to strengthen and tone your body, and basic combinations and isolations, introducing your body to fluid, continuous movement. Great overall workout that will work wonders for your abs!

*Power Party Sculpt - This class taught by Celeste Bolin is an hour’s worth of disco-ball-turnin’, top-pop-hits-bangin’, sweaty FUN. There will be no series of pliés or mandatory leotards with pink tights, and there is never one way the moves should be done (shoes optional).

*Zumba - Learn Latin based and world dance steps in this enticing cardio class! Zumba is fun and fast-paced and can be modified to suit all fitness levels and abilities. You’ll be having so much fun, losing weight will be a bonus!

*BurlesqueCardio - Taught by Kelly Green, this cardio-based class serves as a release for your inner vixen! Learn to dance with props from the feather boa to chair dancing basics. Set to classic big band music.

*Monthly Chair Dance workshops - Learn to dance seductively for your lover using the chair as a prop and optional strip tease ideas to accompany. Each workshop comes with a feather boa, yours as a gift to take home!

This is also the perfect place for a private party, whether for Bachelorettes, birthdays, or just a fun Ladies Night! We have two separate rooms with 1800 square feet of dancing space total. Our Pole room has 9 poles and pink lighting with lots of mirrors, black glitter floors, and a disco ball. Our front room has comfy laminate flooring, party lights, and a disco ball.

Our teachers are elite in their field, and all of our Pole Dance teachers are certified.

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