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Corsets, bustiers and the like are oh-so-fun as a sexy pole dancing outfit. If you're the kind of gal who loves to dress up and put on a show for your sweetie, you'll love these corsets.

I've gathered up some super sexy bustiers and corsets from some of my favourite online retailers, and put them all together here in one place for easy browsing.

Just click on any photos that interest you and you'll go directly to that merchant's online store where you can purchase that item (or any other one that catches your eye while you're there) quickly and securely.

But don't worry, this window will stay open so you can return easily if you'd rather keep browsing.

And, I'm adding more plus size leather corsets all the time, as I find others that I think will appeal to you.

Check out this great selection if you're looking for something on the daring side of life!

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Just a word of caution: if you're looking for a real leather corset (as opposed to a "leather look," "leatherette," "patent," etc) do be sure to inquire with the manufacturer to be sure you're getting the real thing.

It's not uncommon for corsets and other lingerie to be made of polyurethane (PU) or "patent" (PVC). Sometime this is a cost-saving measure, but often it's to achieve a particular look and feel.

You should also be aware that for pole dancing, leather tends to slide, while PU and PVC have a lot more grip. So if you're planning to do spins you may be better off with the real deal, whereas for climbs and holds, a man-made material is best.

One tip off, other than the use of terms like those mentioned above, is price. A good quality, real leather corset will rarely sell for less than $90 - $100 (unless perhaps it's "cupless"). The upside is that you can be sure that real leather will provide years of wear and delight, for both you and your "audience."