Where can I find a plus size pole fitness class in the virginia beach va area?

by LaToya N
(Virginia Beach Va)

I am currently 230lbs and I would love to learn how to pole dance but I believe I would feel more comfortable with other women my size. Do you offer classes like that?

Susan from PDDF says:

Thanks for writing in LaToya, and welcome to the wonderful world of pole dancing!

I should clarify that I don't actually offer classes myself anymore. I'm retired from teaching but I started this website as a resource for anyone interested in pole dancing for fitness.

One of the most popular sections on my site, however, is the worldwide pole dancing directory. I started the directory with the goal of connecting those who want to learn pole dancing with studios and instructors in their area.

You may have already done a search there, but just in case you haven't, you might check it out to see if there are any studios listed in Virginia Beach.

Even if a studio listed there doesn't specifically mention that they offer plus size pole dancing classes, that doesn't mean they don't, or that they wouldn't put one on. You never know unless you ask, right?

And if not, you might want to put a bug in their ear and suggest that they put one on the schedule. In this post I make some specific suggestion for how to do so in a way that increases the chances of getting what you want.

You might also find this post of interest, as I talk about some of the things you can do as a plus size woman to help yourself feel more comfortable in class. Plus, there are a couple of comments from other plus size women there too, which I'm sure you'll find helpful.

It can be a bit of a challenge to speak up about your needs and stand up for you want. The great thing about the pole dance fitness industry though, is that it's grounded in inclusivity and empowerment, so - in theory at least - it shouldn't be too difficult to raise some awareness and get other people onside.

The concept of pole dancing for plus size women is really only just starting to gain some traction, so you're among the ground breakers LaToya.

Believe me, there are so many other plus size women out there who also want to enjoy the benefits of pole dancing for fitness, but they're too shy to speak up if they don't feel they fit in. You're not LaToya, and that means you have an opportunity to be a leader and shake things up...lucky you!

And to all plus size women out there: If you want a pole dancing class that allows you to learn with your peers in a more comfortable environment, keep asking until you find a studio or a teacher who's willing to work with you.

Once the demand is there. it's going to get easier for all plus size women to find plus pole dancing classes that meet their needs. So please, speak up!

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