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Pole dancing has reached nearly every corner of the globe....except, it seems, Alaska! We're continuing to search for any new studios, instructors or party opportunities that might emerge, but unfortunately we haven't yet found any opportunities in the northern-most state.

However, just so you didn't make the trip over to this page for nothing, here's a fun little video showing the skill level of the dancers in Alaska. I hope you enjoy it!

Would you help us out? If you hear of an Alaska pole dancing business that opens up, would you please ask the owner to submit a free listing? That way they can get some help connecting with potential students. Thank you!

No Alaska Studios Listed yet
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We've also placed a search feature below, just in case you want to look a little deeper. Who knows...maybe you'll be the one who discovers Alaska's newest studio or party company!

If you'd like to give it a try, just type "pole dancing" (without the quotes) and your town or city into the search box, then click the button. This will return results from all over the internet, and if there is a new studio in Alaska it should show up for you.

No luck?

Oh well, it was worth a try. Need some more ideas? Why not check out this information on other ways you can learn.

If you're longing to pole dance during those long Juneau nights, or if the fitness options in Anchorage are getting a bit old, you might consider getting your own dance pole to install at home. These reviews can even help you choose the right one!

And there are loads of other ways to learn this fun form of fitness if there are no studios or classes nearby. Here are my top recommendations...

Online pole dancing lessons
Pole dancing manual
Felix Cane DVDs

Sorry again for the dearth of classes in Alaska. Hopefully the situation will right itself soon!

Remember, if you happen to discover a studio we don't yet know about, be sure to tell them about our directory. We'd love to give them a free plug and help them connect with potential students!

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