Appleton, WI - Aerial Dance Pole Exercise

Aerial Dance Pole Exercise is located in Appleton, Wisconsin near the Fox River Mall.

We offer weekly pole fitness classes, pole parties, and workshops.

Our curriculum was written by Paula Brusky, PhD who used her knowledge of injury prevention to create a strength training program that is a lot of fun!

Our classes are sequential with Levels 1 through 5, then advanced, and run as 8-week courses. Levels 1 through 5 consist of a warm-up, conditioning, pole tricks, and routine. At the end of every level your dance skills culminate in a full cardio dance routine! All tricks are learned on both sides of the body to promote balance and symmetry.

We are the only pole exclusive studio in the Fox River Valley, serving Oshkosh and Green Bay as well. In August 2011 we opened our new studio at 1871 N. Silverspring Drive in Appleton.

Our gorgeous new home features 9 stainless steel spinning dance poles that are 10 ft high and a wall of mirrors! We also have a separate room with a single pole for private lessons.

Our bathroom has 2 changing rooms and a shower complete with towel service. There is free parking out front. This space was designed for polers by polers so you'll find everything you need in elegant comfort.

All Aerial Dance instructors hold multiple fitness certifications, including at least one that is pole specific and at least one that is general fitness. We are a member of the PFA and believe in supporting the pole community.

Want To Contact This Studio?

Contact Aerial Dance at 920-750-1441 or go to our website at:

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