King of Prussia, PA Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness

by Heather Day Slawek
(King of Prussia, Pa)

Two locations: King of Prussia and Manayunk!

As seen on the NBC 10! SHOW! and featured in both "Philly Fit" and "Living Well" magazines, in the Philadelphia Daily News and on WMMR radio!

At Awakenings, women of all shapes and sizes learn the sexy, sensual, and fun art of pole dance with a focus on fitness.

Classes are held at two convenient locations: the beautiful Fairmount Athletic Club in King of Prussia, PA at 499 South Henderson Rd. and our second studio at 4151 Main St. (Manayunk), Philadelphia, PA.

We welcome all body types, ages, and levels of experience. We also offer private classes, Girls night Out and Bachelorette Parties!

Awakenings is the leader in pole dance fitness programs in the Philadelphia area with its unique progressive curriculum and activities, from beginner to advanced pole skills instruction and special seminars with elite guest artists.

Awakenings in Manayunk offers a variety of alternative fitness classes including: pole dance fitness, exotic dance, aerial hammock, and Zumba. All classes are presented in a safe, clean and professional atmosphere. All activities are infused with the Awakenings spirit of energy, athleticism, joy and expressive artistry.

Awakenings pole instructors are all certified instructors and have trained extensively with Awakenings founder, Heather Day Slawek, an internationally known fitness personality and winner of Miss Fitness Philadelphia 1997. Heather also happens to be “Princess” a former regular of Philadelphia’s nostalgic television dance show “Dancin’ on Air” and former co-host of USA Network’s dance show “Dance Party USA”.

Awakenings’ instructors have also trained with world champion pole dancers such as Jenyne Butterfly, Pantera Blacksmith, Jamilla Deville, Karol Helms, Amber Richard, Hanka Venselaar, Alethea Austin and Marlo Fisken, all at the current studio in King of Prussia, PA.

Awakenings offers both day time and evening classes as well as weekend classes!

There are many testimonials on our web site, here is just one:

Allyson, 42year old:

"I started this class almost a year ago. Like so many women, I had the stigma in my mind that "pole" fitness meant that every lady would look like a model, be very young and very fit. This is not the case. I am so glad that I went beyond my comfort zone and joined the class. I am in my early 40s and by no means do I have the body of a model. I began the class with the thought that I would be out of place and not feel comfortable. WOW was I wrong.This was just like trying anything new. My first class was good. All of the women in my class had no experience with this type of fitness class before. We were all starting at the same level which made it so much better. As the weeks went on I could not wait for the day of the class.

It has now been 9 months I have been with Awakenings now go two days a week and wish I could go more. I have been working out for close to 20 years. I always like to incorporate a new activity every year to not get bored with my current exercise routine. I have struggled with my weight for many many years. This class has changed my body like no other workout ever has.

The class atmosphere is such a positive environment. We congratulate each other when we learn something new and we laugh with each other as we struggle at times.

The women are all ages, shapes and sizes. I have lost 12 lbs by attending this class as well as including a new eating program. I have never felt better both physically and mentally.

The women have built a bond on overcoming our initial fear and intimidation of the name of the class and have turned it into a passion. I continue to amaze myself how strong and confident I have become. I am so happy with my body changes as well. I am wearing clothes I would never have worn before. The instructors are so much fun and are so inspirational, enthusiastic and encouraging.

Anyone who is the least bit curious about the program contact Heather and ask for a time that you can attend a beginners class."

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Visit our web site for more information and to register for classes!

Feel free to call Heather for information as well: 610-348-7165, or at info(at)awakeningspolefitness(dot)com

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