Seattle, WA
Enchant Vertical Dance

by Jessica Trimble
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Enchant Vertical Dance is about discovering your amazing abilities, pushing your limits, celebrating accomplishments, building community and sharing the love of all things vertical.

What we offer:

Flexibility Training:
Whether you are ready for contortion training or need a softer touch, we can get you to your flexibility goals. We customize each stretch to your own unique needs so you get the maximum results possible.

Women's Pole Dance Classes:
In our exciting pole classes we will teach you to incorporate spins, transitions, inverts and floorwork into your dance, with safe learning and structured teaching methods. Our certified instructors have a unique passion for pole dance and that passion shines through in their classes. These classes are for women only.

Men's Pole Dance Classes:
With so much of the pole industry being geared towards women, we wanted to make sure that men have a place to learn as well. Every Monday we offer our Men's Only Introduction to Pole Dance and Men's Only Drop In classes.

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Visit to view our schedule or email us with any questions at:
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Have an enchanting day!

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