Bangor, Gwynedd
Pagan's Pole Dance & Fitness School

by Tracy Huckfield
(Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales)

Pagan's Pole offers pole dance and fitness tuition for all abilities, from the novice to the super advanced.

We can help you improve your posture, body tone, fitness ability, confidence and above all else: POLE ABILITY!!

Want To Contact This Studio?

We offer a range of services, from classes to private tuition catered to your ability. Chair dance classes, choreography tuition and Hen/Pole Parties are also offered. Tuition hours are flexible and we aim to work our schedule around you!

Pagan's Pole is based in Holyhead, North Wales, and we also teach classes in Bangor and Caernarfon.

For more information on these classes please contact Tracy on (+44) 07973 473295, email tracy(at)paganspole(dot)com or see our website

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