Greenville, SC - The Pole Academy LLC

by Jax Spencer
(Greenville, SC, USA)

The Pole Academy LLC

The Pole Academy LLC

Welcome to The Pole Academy!

Earn your degree in strength, beauty & confidence!

I teach lessons that include proper stretching & breathing techniques.

I also cover dance, fitness, weight goals and nutrition so you get a complete package and we can target areas you want to learn/work on the most!

My students are put through an intense curriculum that turns into a full body workout so goals such as weight loss, toning or just a fun additional workout to going to a boring gym are easily met!

It’s SO fun and it’s easy to meet little victories so you don't get bored or discouraged like at a gym on a treadmill / weights.

For those of you wanting to pinpoint certain areas or for the ladies searching the latest workout craze – pole dancing is for you!

It’s a cardio workout including a warm up and stretching exercise that I include with pole fitness. I also guarantee you will see and feel results after just one class!

My lessons include pole dance & fitness and chair tease and more! What do you have to lose besides the pounds?! Give it a whirl and don’t be scared, bring a friend and do classes together!

Hours: M-S 10am-9pm

Want To Contact This Studio?

Email: info (at)
Phone: 864.520.2834

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