How to Learn Pole Dancing Faster

by Miss Jessica
(w2 5hw, london)

How can I find a private teacher for pole dancing and how much is the price per hour?

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How to find teachers, and cost of private lessons
by: Susan from PDFF

If you want to teach pole dancing, one of the skills you're going to need (rather obviously!) is being able to pole dance well yourself.

While there are some studios that offer instructor certification programs, many people who want to teach pole dancing simply learn all the pole dance moves they can, and then combine that with some kind of fitness certification and ongoing self-study.

And the fastest way to learn to pole dance, as you alluded to in your question, is to take some private lessons with a good instructor. The trick is finding one near you.

You can start with a search of this worldwide pole dancing directory to see if there are any studios near you. If so, you can contact them directly to inquire into their rates and availability.

Do be sure to ask some questions before you book. Inquire into the experience and qualifications of the instructor for example, and find out whether you can customize your lessons for your needs (you should be able to do this with private lessons).

The cost of private lessons varies widely so unfortunately it's impossible to give you a straight answer here. Fees will depend on the instructor's skill, experience and training, her available time (ie how in-demand she is), and how many lessons you book. Many studios offer packages of private lessons so that if you buy 5, for example, you get the 6th free.

I have seen rates for private lessons as low as $40 per hour and as high as $120 per hour, which i why it's impossible to tell you exactly how much these will cost in your area. It's entirely appropriate to ask up front though, so feel free to shop around.

You might even want to book one session to try out the instructor before you commit, if you have more than one option in your area.

I hope this helps. If you need any further information, you can use the comment feature below to ask anything else related to your original question.

Best of luck finding an instructor near you!

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