Miami, Fl - Spinderella Fitness Inc.

by Elizabeth Rodriguez
(Miami, Fl)

Ph: 305-496-6426

Spinderella Fitness Inc Offers:
· Pole Fitness
· Pole Dancing
· Personal Training
· Nutrition Plans
· Herbal Life
· Pole Parties
· Bachelorette Pole Parties
· Passion Parties

Spinderella Fitness Inc specializes in Pole Fitness/Dancing and serves Kendall, and Miami-Dade, FL.

Spinderella Fitness Inc. is the culmination of a lifelong journey in health and fitness. Elizabeth Rodriguez, who has lost over 135 pounds, founded the Company in August 2010.

Elizabeth has spent years learning the secrets and skills needed to succeed in effective weight loss. She is also a certified Fitness Nutritionist & Personal Trainer through International Sports Science Association (ISSA), has completed KT Coats' Pole Teaching Training, also has received intensive training with various Pole Fitness Champions like Felix Cane, Alethea Austin, Jenyne Butterfly, Bad Azz, Karol Helms, Allerga, Steven Retchless, Mario Fisken, Jamilla Deville, Rafaela Montanaro, Hanka Vensalaa, and continues to train.

Elizabeth's plans include: competing in the next 2 years, and is working on forming a Pole League!

This is NOT your regular Pole Class

Since 2010, Spinderella Fitness has been serving Kendall, and Miami-Dade, FL with Fun Sexy Themed Pole Fitness/Dance classes.

Merengue Tipico - This class is designed for over all fitness. In this HIGH intense cardio & resistance class we can guarantee you will be coming back for more. From "El Baile del El Beeper" to "El Balie del Perrito" we will have you Meneando la Colita in ways you have never imaged.

El Bachatazo - Bachata is a Latin dance originating from the Dominican Republic. It is a romantic, sassy & sensual dance, yet with a fast Bachata beat, the movements can be out of control!! Bachata dancing is all about feeling confident, swaying those hips, and of course that 1,2,3 TAP. In this class you will be doing just that! From the sensual side of Bachata dancing to that fast Bachatazo with turns, and a lot of feet tapping, rest assure that you will be a Bachatera in no time.

Salsa con Palo - This class is designed to target your arms & legs while helping with your all around balance and coordination plus you get to learn some HOT salsa moves on the pole. The best part about this class is, the poles are spinning!! Imagine spinning poles and a spinning HOTTIE, talk about coordination and balance!

305 Booty Shack - Our 305 Booty Shack class is designed to target your BOOTY & legs. So if you want to give yourself a butt lift, then this is the class for you! We will show you how to booty pop, booty shake and booty clap, to that old skool booty music favorite's like Uncle Al, 2 Live crew, and Miami's DJ Laz... Get ready to "Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya", "Scrub Da Ground" while you put your booty to "Hydraulics"!!! Move over Beyoncé, because we are about to get "Bootylicious"!

Reggae Fusion - Got a little Rasta in you? Then you will love this class. This class is designed to target your ABS, legs and arms. So from hip rolling, body waving, whining & grinding rest assure you?ll be heading to Jamaica with your new bikini body in no time.

Reggaeton Fusion - Maybe you not heading to Jamaica, instead you are going to Puerto Rico... This our Spanish version reggae class however the movements from Reggae & Reggaeton are completely different, so get ready for some "Sexy Movimientos"!

Pole Whine - This is our 2nd addition to our reggae fusion. Get ready to really whine & grind those hips!

Flashdance - It's all about the 80's baby. Get ready to Whip it into shape. In this high intense Cardio rest assure that you will be a Manic on the pole!

Pole wRaps - Hip Hop horay, POLE Looking for that urban funk? Then this is the class for you! In this class you will be vibing to that old skool hip hop music while learning some cool hip hop moves, pole holds and Hip Hop Pole Tricks!

Pole-letos - Forgot how to strut your stuff in heels? Then this class is for YOU! A high heel can transform posture to perfection, add height, change the angle of the foot to appear more alluring, allows the legs to look longer, and also tones and defines your legs. Get ready to learn the bend & snap, some sexy turns and sexy walks.

La Exotica - Feeling like your sexiness is sleeping, well it?s time to WAKE it up. This class is designed to bring out your inner sexy while working out. From floor to pole, and mirrors to walls, you will most definitely feel the sexiness burn all around you. Spinderella Fitness' motto is "The sexiest way to stay fit" and this class proves just that!

Naughty by Pole - This is the 2nd addition to La Exotica class. This class suits all, however for all my ladies who are not who quite ready to take it to the floor, then this is the class for you. This class will feature more sexy Pole & Spins moves and less floor but no worries, we will "floor" you soon enough!

Disco Queen - This our version of Saturday Night Fever. Get ready to feel the Disco Inferno while you Shake that Bootie & Feel Good and no worries you Will Survive!!

Stripper-rella - the name says it all!! In this class you will learn the art of teasing and yes, you will be taking it off!! If you ever wanted to learn how do a little strip tease then this is the class for you!! Please wear layered clothing because items will be removed slowly on and off the pole Talk about Hotness!!!

Pole Mix-A-Lot - The name says it all! This class is a mix of ALL our classes. From Booty Shack to Naughty by Pole, or maybe Tricky Tricks, to Salsa this class has a bit of everything, the best part about it, NOT even the instructors know what is coming up next!

Forty, Fit & Fabulous - This class is dedicated to my fierce & fabulous ladies who are 40 and over. All are welcome but this class is designed for those women are more interested in Cardio Resistant Training. We will be using Resistance Bands, Hoops, Fitness balls as well as learning basic tricks. Each class will be different so you never know what we will be doing.

Spinderella's Fitness classes are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get!

Pole Play - This is our child's play pole class! In this class the kids will learn tricks on acrobatic level, and how to climb and spin! Loads of fun and great fitness and strength building for children ages 6-12

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Ph: 305-496-6426

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