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Alyson Joy, Felinity

Alyson Joy, Felinity

Welcome to Felinity in Toronto, ON Canada!

The Felinity - core feminine movement series was created for women who are looking for interesting and fun forms of fitness in a safe and supportive environment.

It's a workout that was specifically designed for women, specializing in mind/body fitness and pole dancing.

Using techniques from dance, yoga & pilates, the core feminine movement workout helps you discover and exercise your natural movement, appreciate your femininity, stretch your muscles & strengthen your core.

Instructors encourage women to value the idea of exercising their femininity. In each class, we discuss benefits on an emotional, mental and physical level, which helps women re-connect to themselves at a very core feminine level. This is really important in a woman’s life as she takes on a variety roles.

As instructors we believe that we as women should workout as women; exercising our gender! Over all – this program would be described as sophisticated and nurturing.

Alyson Joy, the founder/creator of the Felinity Program series, comes from a professional background of being a Contemporary Modern Dancer (PMD), Movement Specialist (MS), and Certified Dance Teacher (various forms).

Along with her modern dance career, it was also through go-go dancing that Joy began to understand the relationship between her mind and body, exploring all the different ways her body could move, and most importantly, explore her artistry as a real woman.

Only accustomed to performing choreographed routines, Joy found new freedom in the art of freestyling. She realized that this style of dance was aiding her as a woman and wanted to share those realizations with other women.

She saw creating the FELINITY program/workout as an opportunity to do this.

Alyson's main focus behind her performances, the Felinity corporation, and facilitation, is to help women fall in love with the way their bodies move.

Want To Contact This Studio?

For information about booking a private party or hours of operation, please contact reception at: 416-406-6683 /, or visit our website: for an up to date class schedule.

We are located at:

794 Broadview Ave
Toronto, Ont. M4K 2P7

Phone: 416-406-6683

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