What is the best course to do to become a pole dancing teacher?

I'm very interested in the idea of learning to pole dance, then going on to teach it to others.

It's just such a great way to keep fit and boost confidence!

Where would be best to do a course to qualify me to teach pole dancing? I live in East Dereham in Norfolk.

Your Pole Pal replies:

It's great to hear that you're interested in learning how to teach pole dancing! I'm not sure if there's a course offered near you (I'm off to check a few sources shortly and will report back), but fortunately there are a few other options available for those who want to become pole dancing or pole fitness instructors.

First of all though, it sounds from your question like you're either just starting to learn to pole dance, or haven't yet taken any classes. If this is the case, I strongly recommend that you get yourself to an intermediate level first, before you start taking pole dance instructor training courses.

The reason is that often, these training programs don't actually teach you pole dancing moves. Instead, they focus on teaching you how to teach the moves safely and effectively. If you haven't yet mastered a particular pole trick, it's going to be much more difficult to learn how to teach it when you're still in the "figuring it out" stage.

Step 1: Get yourself on a pole and start learning how to work it!

As I mentioned in this post about whether you can teach pole dancing without a certification, it's sometimes possible to obtain an apprenticeship with an experienced instructor or with a studio who is willing to train you.

However, it's never a bad idea to obtain a general fitness instructor certification in addition to your pole fitness training. This will give you an excellent grounding in the core principles of fitness theory and practice, as well as safety, anatomy, teaching methods, and many other important aspects of teaching.

You can enroll in a fitness instructor training program right away, even if you're still a beginner on the pole. That way you'll have this part under your belt when you're ready to start learning to teach pole dancing specifically.

These courses are often offered by community recreation centres, and also by larger fitness facilities and private training companies. You can even study online nowadays!

Two private training companies offering courses in the UK are Future Fit Training and Premier Training.

Something many people don't consider when they start thinking about teaching pole dancing, is that there are several components that you need to master in order to become a competent teaching professional.

Being a great pole dancer is obviously one aspect of being a great teacher. But you also need to have a good knowledge of fitness theory, safety issues - both general and related specifically to pole dancing - and teaching technique. A good fitness instructor training course can equip you with this knowledge.

Step 2: Enroll in a fitness instructor training course to equip yourself with the general knowledge and skills needed to teach safe and effective classes.

In addition, good interpersonal skills, the ability to motivate, encourage and inspire, and a genuine desire to help others succeed and reach their goals, are important in the teaching profession.

It's wise to take a step back and try to do an honest assessment of your skills and personality to try to determine if you have what it takes to be a good teacher. If you have a trusted friend who will be honest with you, you can also ask for their candid thoughts.

There are also a number of books, tests and courses you can use to help you determine whether you have the skills, personality and character traits that would make you a good teacher.

While not absolutely essential, it's better to know at the outset that, for example, you'd make a better performer or choreographer than you would a teacher.

Sometimes because we love to do something, we think it would be great to teach that thing to others. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, so it's not a bad idea to delve a little deeper into your reasons for wanting to teach, and whether your "make-up" fits with what it takes to be a good teacher.

Step 3: Do an honest assessment of your suitability for the teaching profession.

Once you've reached a basic competence level with your own pole dancing skills, have taken a certification program to learn how to teach safe and effective fitness classes in general, and have done some kind of self-assessment that shows you have what it takes to meet the demands of teaching, NOW it's time to look at taking teacher training in the art of pole dancing!

Step 4: Enroll in a pole dance teacher training course

Here is another option for you to look into when you're ready to take that final step and become a qualified pole dance teacher:

PolePeople offers training courses in London, if you don't mind traveling for your training. You can read their information here.

I hope this information helps you on your exciting adventure towards becoming a pole dance teacher!

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