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by Inner Diva Studios
(10401 Anderson Mill Road, Suite 104, Austin Texas 78750)

Come Find Your Inner Diva!

Come Find Your Inner Diva!

Inner Diva Studios Is where fitness means fabulous, strength means working out, and sexiness means embracing your femininity.

Our goal is to ensure that you feel great, while getting fit.

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From Pole Dance Fitness to Zumba, our wide range of classes are taught by the fabulous Inner Diva Dolls; certified personal trainers with years of dance experience and an overwhelming passion to share their love for dance and fitness.

With two nutritional and lifestyle coaches amongst the instructors, you can be sure to also obtain knowledge and an understanding for nutrition, healthy dieting and balance.

Here at Inner Diva you can get fit in one of three studios “The Marilyn”, “The Audrey” and “The Grace” and choosing those names was no accident! Our studios represent what these legendary icons embraced: confidence, sophistication, strength and power.

We believe your environment makes a huge difference to the way you feel about yourself. We hope that something as small as the name of a room or a “If you are confident, you are beautiful” quote on the wall, will make a big contribution to creating the perfect atmosphere for "Finding Your Inner Diva".

Alongside Pole Dance and Zumba classes, Inner Diva also offers Burlesque, Chair Tease, Go-Go Cardio, Yogalates, Hip Hop, Flexercise, Contact Kickboxing, Hula Hooping and more!! Through our wide range of unique classes our goal is to ensure that you will not only feel great while getting fit, you’ll have FUN while working out!

There is something sexy about a powerful, take-charge woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! To be an intriguing and sexy Diva you must develop within yourself the two S's of feminine power: Strength and Sexiness.

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