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Pole Energy was established in 2006 as a Professional Dance and Fitness School offering a full range of services based on teaching people to get fit, learning new skills and having fun based on Pole Dancing for aerobic fitness.

Our aim has always been to teach people of any age, gender or fitness level that Pole Aerobics produces amazing results to body tone, fitness, self-esteem and an overwhelming sense of self assurance.

All our Instructors are Central YMCA ETM and NCFE Vertical Dance Instructors.

In addition we are members of and regulated by the Register of Exercise Professionals and have full Public Liability Insurance for all our activities.

All our classes have 3 fixed poles which can operate on spin or static.

To ensure everyone gets plenty of time practicing on the poles we have a maximum of 10 people per class.

The class comprises of a warm up to prepare your body for exercise, then learning routines including spins and moves on the pole and finally a cool down stretch session at the end.

The cost is £10 per lesson. Students do not have to pay for a course in advance but pay on attendance at the lesson.

However as the classes do get booked up quickly we can only guarantee places for people who book and pay in advance.

We also operate various promotions throughout the year allowing students to qualify for free lessons.


Contact us:

Telephone: 07736 429166

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